I created this webquest as a way to enhance a lesson that I had done with students in the past. My knowledge of web 2.0 tools was very limited at the time, which created more work for both my students and me. I found that creating this wiki was very easy, but the project itself was difficult. This difficulty was due to the fact that my options were limitless and I had trouble knowing where to draw the line.

I feel that this webquest is a good example of a student inquiry lesson because it calls for students to search online resources in order to make a personal connection to their interests and abilities. This lesson also calls for students to use research skills in order to evaluate what information is reliable and useful for their intended purpose.

Possible revisions that I would make involve complexity and length of time. Providing that there is adequate time for computer usage, this would be a great lesson to use as part of a much larger unit. This lesson would serve as a good introduction to the 8th grade research paper.